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At University of Texas at San Antonio: 8

  1. Prosunjit Biswas, Enumerated Authorization Policy ABAC Models: Expressive Power and Enforcement, Spring 2017. Defense presentation (ppt) (pdf)
  2. Yun Zhang, Secure Information and Resource Sharing in Cloud IaaS, Fall 2016. Defense presentation (pdf)
  3. Navid Pustchi, Authorization Federation in Multi-Tenant Multi-Cloud IaaS, Spring 2016. Defense presentation (pptx) pdf
  4. Khalid Bijon, Constraints for Attribute Based Access Control with Application in Cloud IaaS, Spring 2015. Defense presentation (pptx) pdf
  5. Dang Nguyen, Provenance-Based Access Control Models, Summer 2014. Defense presentation (pptx) pdf
  6. Bo Tang, Multi-Tenant Access Control for Cloud Services, Summer 2014. Defense presentation (pptx) pdf
  7. Xin Jin, Attribute-Based Access Control Models and Implementation in Cloud Infrastructure as a Service, Spring 2014. Defense presentation (pptx) pdf
  8. Yuan Cheng, Access Control for Online Social Networks Using Relationship Type Patterns, Spring 2014. Defense presentation (pptx) pdf

At George Mason University (completed after my move to UTSA): 4

  1. Ram Krishnan, Group-Centric Secure Information Sharing Models, Fall 2009. Supporting Materials. Defense presentation (pptx animated) pdf
  2. David A. Wheeler, Fully Countering Trusting Trust through Diverse Double-Compiling, Fall 2009 Defense presentation (pdf) Supplementary material
  3. Venkata Bhamidipati, Architectures and Models for Administration of User-Role Assignment in Role Based Access Control, Fall 2008 Defense presentation
  4. Zhixiong Zhang, Scalable Role and Organization Based Access Control and its Administration, Spring 2008 Defense presentation

At George Mason University (completed before my move to UTSA): 12

  1. Xinwen Zhang, Formal Model and Analysis of Usage Control, Summer 2006 Defense presentation
  2. Mohammad Abdullah Al-Kahtani, A Family of Models for Rule-Based User-Role Assignment, Spring 2004
  3. Jaehong Park, Usage Control: A Unified Framework for Next Generation Access Control, Summer 2003
  4. Ezedin S. Barka, Framework for Role-Based Delegation Models, Summer 2002
  5. Pete A. Epstein, Engineering of Role/Permission Assignments, Spring 2002
  6. Qamar Munawer, Administrative Models for Role-Based Access Control, Spring 2000.
  7. Gail-Joon Ahn, The RCL 2000 Language for Specifying Role-Based Authorization Constraints, Fall 1999.
  8. Joon S. Park, Secure Attribute Services on the Web, Summer 1999.
  9. Philip C. Hyland, Concentric Supervision of Security Applications: An Assurance Methodology, Spring 1999.
  10. Tarik Himdi, A Scaleable Extended DGSA Scheme for Confidentiality of Shared Data in Multidomain Organizations, Spring 1998.
  11. Srinivas Ganta, Expressive Power of Access Control Models Based on Propagation of Rights, Spring 1996.
  12. Roshan Thomas, Supporting Secure and Efficient Write-up in High Assurance Multilevel Object-based Computing, Summer 1994.

My Own Dissertation

bulletRavi Sandhu, Design and Analysis of Protection Schemes Based on the Send-Receive Transport Mechanism, Spring 1983.