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Courses taught at UTSA (AY 2011-2012 onwards):

bulletCS 5323: Principles of Computer and Information Security (Spring 2018)
bulletCS 5323: Principles of Computer and Information Security (Spring 2017)
bulletCS 6393: Cyber Security Models and Systems (Spring 2016)
bulletCS 6393: Security Architectures for Cloud and Distributed Systems (Spring 2014)
bulletCS 6393: Research Challenges in Cyber Security (Spring 2013)
bulletCS 6393: Foundations of Cyber Security (Spring 2012)

Courses taught at UTSA (AY 2007-2011):

bulletPhD student supervision only due to 100% commitment to founding UTSA's Institute for Cyber Security

Courses taught at George Mason University (AY 1989-2007):

bulletISA 662: Information Systems Security (most recent offering: Fall 2006)
bullet ISA 780: Theoretical Foundations of System Security (most recent offering: Fall 2006)
bulletIT 962/ISA 797: Advanced Topics: Cyber-Identity, Authority and Trust (most recent offering: Spring 2006)
bulletIT 862: Computer Security Models and Architectures (most recent offering: Spring 2005)
bullet INFS 767: Secure Electronic Commerce (most recent offering Spring 2004)
bulletINFS 766: Internet Security Protocols (most recent offering: Spring 2004 at Northrop-Grumman)
bulletIT 990: Dissertation Topic Presentation (most recent offering: Spring 2001)
bulletINFS 612: Data Communication and Distributed Processing (most recent offering: Spring 1998)
bulletINFS 710: Operating Systems and Computer Architecture (most recent offering: Spring 1991)

Courses taught at Ohio State University (AY 1982-1989): Quarter system

bullet Graduate/senior-undergraduate courses on Information Security, Operating Systems, Advanced Operating Systems, Database Systems, and Systems Analysis.